Since the beginning of time, humankind has sought to organize and predict its natural environment by making lists. Some of the earliest hieroglyphic inscriptions are lists of ritual preparations for the dead, and some historians believed writing itself developed from the Sumerians' lists of trade goods.

As time continued and society advanced, the complexity of technological civilization became too great for even lists to handle, and the list of lists evolved. And since technological advance is an inherently iterative process, building upon itself, it was only a few short years from the list of lists to the list of lists of lists, hitherto the most sophisticated means of data presentation developed.

This list of lists of lists of lists completes the cycle and represents the crowning glory of humanity's timeless desire to list things.

The List of Lists of Lists of Lists

1. Wikipedia's Lists of Lists category, which is itself a List of Lists of Lists.

2. From Yes But No But Yes: the 2006 List of Lists of Lists. Some of the best lists of lists from 2006.

3. Broken Wing has the 2007 list of Top 4 Lists of Lists.

4. Similar to YBNBY, Creative Binge compiles a Top 10 Top Top 10 Lists List.

5. One of the only topic-specific LoLoLs is Squidoo's List of Lists of Lists of webmaster/designer resources.

6. From Old How It Happened: "I thought I'd compile a list of lists of lists I like"

7. Popten's Top Ten Best of 2008 Lists contains a section on "Lifehacker's Most Popular Top Ten Lists", which he states correctly "makes my list officially a list of lists of lists. Delightful."

8. The Council of Australian University Librarians claims to have a list of list of lists, but as far as I can tell it is only a list of lists. More research is needed on this topic.

IMOC WARNING: Some elements might consider it "amusing" to attempt to include this document and others like it in a so-called "list of lists of lists of lists of lists". Such an endeavour would of course be blatantly irresponsible, and very likely cross the "listological event horizon" and result in the destruction of the universe. Please turn away from such a doomed project before it is too late.